Honourable Justice


Mr. Justice S. A. Rabbani

  • Hon' able Justice S. A. Rabbani was born in Roorkee, District Saharanpur, British India on June 6th 1940.
  • B.Sc. from D.J. Sindh Govt. Science College, Karachi
  • Masters in Political Science, University of Karachi.
  • LL.B. from University of Karachi
  • Masters in English, University of Punjab
  • Joined Judiciary as Civil Judge in 1970 on success in P.C.S. competitive examination of West Pakistan Public Service Commission 1968-69.
  • Worked at all levels of Sindh Judiciary.
  • Worked in and supervised the Legislation Wing of the National Assembly of Pakistan for about 12 years.
  • Remained Clerk Attaché in British Parliament, London, UK.
  • Attended training in Legislative Drafting at The Public Law Centre, New Orleans, LA, United States of America.
  • Elevated as Judge of Sindh High Court in April, 1999.
  • Retired from Sindh High Court on June 5th 2002.
  • Worked as Director General, Sindh Judicial Academy.
  • Appointed as Judge of Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan on June 5th 2003.
  • Authored following books:
    1. Legislative Drafting Manual.
    2. Amendments in the Constitution, 1973.
    3. The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, an Analysis.
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